Church Media Worship is dedicated to helping you in your calling to serve God.


Church Media Worship

Every Day, God calls us to do our part to serve him. Each of us possesses special gifts and talents that we all use to Serve God.  We at Church Media Worship, are deeply grateful for what you do. We appreciate all the love and sacrifice you make. We Know this is for God and not for us, but as a fellow servant of God, we wish to still express our thanks.

We also are aware that many groups, organizations, and Church’s are at different financial levels. We at Church Media Worship are dedicated to serving God. If there is anything we can do to help, please feel free to reach out.



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Church Media Worship Offers:

We at Church Media Worship offer:

Worship Images

  • Christian Background Images – Images specially designed for room for text for Bible verses and Song Lyrics
  • Christian Worship Images – Contemporary and traditional images designed to inspire people for a deeper worship experience.

Worship Videos

  • Contemporary Worship Videos – Created and tailored to inspire a deep worship experience
  • Christian Sing-a-long Videos – Lyrics perfectly timed to the music to sing-a-long to. No matter if you are a group of only a few, or a large congregation, The music is designed for your needs.
  • Christian Silent Videos – Silent Videos with different themes that can be played along with live music to enhance an audio and visual Church Worship
  • Christian Videos Clips – Small clips that you can use to create your very own custom Church media and Worship videos.
  • Christian Animated Stills – Creative introductions and animations that freeze on a still image. This is a great introduction to a worship sermon or a new event in the worship experience.

Worship Music

  • Worship Background Music – Background Music in English, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese. This music comes in 1 verse versions up to 5 or 6 verse versions so that you can shoose how you want to sing the music.
  • Worship Practice Music – Music designed to teach choir members to sing and learn faster. These MP3’s Come in all the parts. Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass is available to learn. It can also be used for missing or choir members who live far away.
  • Contemporary Background Music – Modern background music for congregation or choir singing. These products come with the original song to practice to. The background music is free from vocals.
  • Sheet Music – Our sheet music comes with permission to make unlimited copies. We also offer practice music for you to practice to.

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