Abide with me Historical Christian Worship Video


Abide with me Historical Christian Worship Video

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Abide with me Historical Christian Worship Video

Abide with me Historical Christian Worship Video is a worship video telling the history behind the song Abide with Me.
Therefore, this is the Text from the Video
Abide with me Henry Francis Lyte (1793 – 1847)
Though an orphan at birth, Henry worked very hard to get a stable education.
Henry and his wife Ann served as faithful ministers all their life.
Mostly in Devonshire England.
Despite Henry’s difficult health battles, the entire Lyte family served faithfully all their life.
Henry wrote many poems and hymns during his ministry.
He published 2 hymn books.
In 1844, at the age of 51, Henry was diagnosed with Tuberculosis.

Text from Abide with me Historical Christian Worship Video

The next three years were extremely tough.
His physical condition deteriorated rapidly.
On September 4, 1847, too weak to continue, Henry held his final service.
That afternoon, inspired by the emotions of the day, Henry wrote this song.
Even though it took about 1 hour to write. The prayer to Abide with me was inspired by an entire life of battles.
A few days later, Henry got on a train to Italy.
Hoping the warmer climate would help him feel better.
While en route to Italy, Henry mailed his final copy of this song to his wife.
A few days later, Henry was called into eternity.
His last words, Peace! Joy!


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Abide with me Historical Christian Worship Video Topics That would fit.

Abiding in Christ, | Blessed are they who mourn | Comforter, | for they shall be comforted. | Funerals, | Grace and Mercy of God | Holy Spirit, | Protection | Safety | Security | The Wisdom and teaching of the Holy Spirit

These are ideas only. There may be other topics and ideas that we have not yet included. Please put other uses for this Christian Worship Video in the comments or email us directly. Dedicated to Helping you fulfill your calling to Serve God.

What is the purpose of an Abide with me Historical Christian Worship Video?

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