Amazing Grace Historical Christian Worship Video

Amazing Grace Historical Christian Worship Video is a worship video telling the history behind the song Amazing Grace.
Therefore, this is the Text from the Video
John Newton was born in London in July of 1725.
His father was a commander of a merchant ship.
By age 11, John went out to sea over 20 times.
He chose to follow in his father’s footsteps.
At His own request, John took a job on a slave ship.
He later became the commander of the most feared ship in the Atlantic.
He excelled in the immoral and illegal act of slave trading.
Completely disregarding the Christian teachings of his mother.

Text from Amazing Grace Historical Christian Worship Video

One day the ship went through a violent storm.
When all seemed lost, he exclaimed, Lord have mercy on us.
He promised God that if he would be saved, he would dedicate his life to God.
God heard his prayer on what he called The great deliverance. May 10th, 1748
He decided to come to the USA to fulfill his promise
Within a few years, He married a Christian woman. And later became a minister.
He then wrote a poem called Amazing Grace.
In which he quickly put to music.
It is believed that this melody was sung by the slaves on the ships that he was the commander of.


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